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We are happy to announce we are
 officially open 

We’ve tapped into our resources and have done our research on how to create a safe environment for our clients and here’s what we know:

  1. COVID19 does NOT spread through perspiration
  2. COVID19 is most likely to spread through respiratory droplets
  3. There is no product that can be sprayed on surfaces and give you continued protection from COVID19
  4. Temperature scans are ineffective as the technology is not accurate and it can be masked easily with Tylenol

Our goal is not to eliminate the risk of COVID19 but to mitigate risks enough to balance safety and the Practice experience by:

Practice. It's not about Perfection.
Located in an 1880's Police Station in the heart of Lincoln Park, our studio exists to provide the next generation of private 1 on 1 personal training for mind-body integration.
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Now Offering Virtual Training!

Make no mistake, we're not the team that will claim Virtual Personal Training is a true equivalent to in-studio training, as has become the trend recently, however we are happy to meet you where you are and provide a topnotch at-home experience to achieve your fitness goals.

We now offer Private 1:1 and Group virtual training for anyone holding off with the studio experience or in need of extra flexibility.

Our Virtual Personal Training provides you with adaptive exercise plans, and nutritional and supplement consultation which are formulated around your fitness goals, schedule, health - strengths/weaknesses/injury/illness, and anything else that life may throw at you.

Thorough communication and customized exercise plans & videos keep your progress on track, whether online training is a precursor to returning to in-studio sessions, or a long term solution for you.

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