Josh Luck


I began my journey as a trainer/coach in 1998 making it over 22 yrs. in the health and fitness field.


I was a passionate athlete in multiple sports and had a fanatic mentality for all sports. Knowing that my career as an athlete would only go so far, I wanted nothing more than to continue my pursuit as a coach. I found quickly that x’s and o’s were not my passion, but the mental and physical preparedness was something I flourished in. In fact, it was strength and conditioning that got me in the door for my first true coaching position in football as a defensive coordinator. Teaching athletes was a joy, but building athletes was a far stronger reward for me. As my career started going forward, I quickly noted that there were far more opportunities and life changing abilities in working with the general population. Seeing an elderly woman get out of a chair on their own for the first time in 5yrs, was much more rewarding for me than seeing a wide receiver break out of his cut a spit second faster. It’s an amazing feeling having the ability to change an individual’s life whether through movement or even weight loss.


I have held numerous certifications with general health and fitness certifications like ACE, AFTA, NASM but found more value and growth through specialized certifications such as FMS and FMS II, Precision Nutrition, and multiple certifications through NSCA Weightlifting, Sport, and Speed.


The movement science, and corrective exercise aspect of fitness is something I find a lot of passion in. I will always love and enjoy the athletic aspect of fitness as well like Powerlifting and sport development.


In my spare time I am a woodworking hobbyist and find a lot of mental and physical therapy in building. Plus, my wife reaps the rewards as well! I have a beautiful family of 4 boys ages 14, 5, and twins that are 3. Our 5th child is our 8-yr. old Border collie/Australian Sheppard named Charlie. My amazing wife Jill is the glue that keeps it all together and is the rock that keeps all the chaos under control. I also served as a United States Marine for over 6 yrs. and served our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


My walkup song would have to be “Thunderstruck’ - by ACDC. It always gets the juices flowing and has the memories of some of my sports teams behind it.